Detention Center Phone Calls Service By Pacific Telephone

Detention Center Phone Calls 6¢ Per Minute.
Pay Only For Minutes Used!

Stop Missing Inmates’ Calls Using
Pacific Telephone Company
Call Blast Service!

With Call Blast, we can send an inmate’s
phone call to 3 different telephone numbers
(home, office, cell) at the same time.

Why Use Our Detention Telephone Service?

In plain language, to save money! When inmates use a Detention Center Phone Calls telephone system, unless they’re making an inexpensive local call, they’re charged outrageous long distance phone rates     per minute to complete their call.

Pacific Telephone Company®, can help inmates and their families start saving up to 60% on inmate telephone calls today! To start your savings or for more information call 866.966.8655 or visit us at

Pacific Telephone Company, A Name You Know And Trust!