Big Spring Correctional Center

1701 Apron Drive
BIG SPRING,TEXAS 79720 United States
Phone: 432-264-0060
Fax: 432-267-6522

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Contract With: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Contract Award: 1989
Type And Design: Minimum-security
Capacity: 3,509
Received Prisoners: 1989
Services/Work: Operator
Accreditations: ACA & JCAHO

Under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Big Spring Correctional Center provides secure custody for 3,509 sentenced criminal aliens. The facility also houses inmates who are awaiting the Executive Office of Immigration Review Institution Hearing Process to determine their deportation status.

The facility provides a full range of inmate activities including religious services for various denominations, medical and psychological evaluations and treatment, and educational and vocational programs. A full legal library is available, as are leisure libraries.
Educational programs and correspondence courses available to inmates include English as a Second Language (ESL) is available. Both American and Mexican Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) programs are provided.
Drug and alcohol abuse counseling is provided at each facility. The program is delivered in four phases: aspects of substance abuse, life and living skills, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, and core issues in substance abuse. GEO assumed operations of the Big Spring Correctional Facility during the acquisition of Cornell Companies in August 2010.

The facility is comprised of four separate facilities; Interstate, Airpark, Flightline, and Cedar Hill; on more than 40 acres. This 373,827 sq. ft. facility has the capacity to house 3,509 inmates.