Maverick County Detention Center


742 Highway 131
Eagle Pass,Texas 78852 United States
Phone: 830-752-6500
Fax: 830-752-6680

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Contract With: IGA through Maverick County, Texas
Contract Award: 7/24/2007
Type And Design: Minimum Security – Cells
Capacity: 688 beds
Received Prisoners: 12/22/2008
Services/Work: Management/Operator
Accreditations: While this facility operates in compliance with American Correctional
Association (ACA) Standards, the client has requested that ACA accreditation not be pursued.

Under an intergovernmental contract with Maverick County, GEO Operates and manages the 688-bed facility for the US Marshals Service (USMS). The Maverick County Detention Facility houses adult male and female inmates for USMS. Medical care, food service, laundry and general living conditions for offenders are provided in accordance with standards required by the USMS.
With over 138,000 square feet, the facility is designed to house 688 inmates in 16 housing units. These units are sized to hold a maximum of 48 beds each in eight or single bed cells. Each housing area is self-contained with access to recreation areas, library, barbershop, medical triage rooms, programming classrooms and case management offices. All areas of the facility are designed with security and safety in mind and access is monitored by Central Control.