Moshannon Valley Correctional Center


555 GEO Drive
Philipsburg,Pennsylvania 16866 United States
Phone: 814-768-1200
Fax: 814-342-5900

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Contract With: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Contract Award: 4/1/2006
Type And Design: Minimum Security
Capacity: 1,495
Received Prisoners: 4/1/2006
Services/Work: Developer/Operator
Accreditations: ACA & JCAHO

In 2006, the Federal Bureau of Prisons awarded the Moshannon Valley Correctional Facility as the preferred facility for the operation and management of 1,495 beds. The facility houses low-security, nonviolent criminal aliens who have 90 months or less remaining on their sentence.

GEO provides secure care, custody and control for non-violent criminal aliens on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Offenders are provided with educational programming; to include GED, ABE, and ESL; substance abuse counseling; life skills, employment assistance and vocational opportunities.

Moshannon Valley Correctional Facility is 243,111 sq. ft. facility built to house low-security male offenders. The facility was originally built in 2006 and was later expanded in two phases completed in 2010. Built in a campus-style arrangement, the facility’s housing and support buildings form a secure compound.