98 West County Road 204
Pecos,Texas 79772 United States
Phone: 432-447-2926
Fax: 432-447-9224

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Contract With: Reeves County, Texas (Contract between Reeves County, Texas and the Federal Bureau of Prisons)
Contract Award: Contract Award: 11/25/03

  • Management Agreement with Reeves County-November 25, 2003 for a ten year period.
  • Reeves County Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with the Federal Bureau of Prisons-February 18, 2004 for a three year period.
  • Reeves County management agreement with the Arizona Department of Corrections-March 7, 2004 for a duration of six months with the option for (3) one year renewals.
  • New contract award with the BOP involved the awards of the Criminal Alien Requirement (CAR) 5 at R-3 and CAR6 at R1 and R2. Both awards provide 10 year contracts with the BOP. The capacity of RCDC 2 increased to accommodate the need of the BOP for additional beds. R3 additions were completed in 2006. additions to R1 & R2 will be completed in 2007.

Type And Design: Modular, Medium/Minimum Security
Capacity: 1,356 since September 2006
Received Prisoners: March 18, 2004
Services/Work: Operations
Accreditations: RCDC will seek American Correctional Association (ACA) and Joint Commission Accreditation

The GEO Group, Inc., provides management services associated with the operation of the Reeves County Detention Complex.

Programs offered at the facility include classes in electrical repair, typing, basic computer skills, basic home wiring, GED classes, and “English as a second language” classes.

There are also vocational programs such as auto mechanics and horticulture. These programs help keep the inmates busy and productive, and provide skills that play an important role in reducing recidivism upon release. Our Substance Abuse Counselors are highly qualified and experienced, and provide high quality drug and alcohol counseling. Recreational activities available to inmates include leather and hobby crafts, the opportunity to play in one of several inmate bands, and the opportunity to participate in sporting tournaments.