Rio Grande Detention Center

1001 San Rio Blvd
Laredo,Texas 78046
United States
Phone: 956-718-4700
Fax: 956-791-1231

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Contract With: Office of Federal Detention Trustee US Marshals Service
Contract Award: 4/23/2007
Type And Design: Dormitory
Capacity: 1,500 beds
Received Prisoners: 10/1/2008
Services/Work: Operator/Developer
Accreditations: Will seek ACA and NCCHC

GEO provides the Southern District of Texas US Marshals Service a secured facility to hold Pre-Trial Detainees for the Laredo Federal Courts. GEO is the operator and owner of the facility and it provides all services to the client. Services include Administration, fiscal management, personnel and training, recreation, security, safety and control, classification, food service, commissary, libraries, and Medical Services.

At approximately 293,500 sq. ft., the facility is situated along the Rio Grande River in Laredo, Texas. This secure facility is equipped with two twelve foot perimeter razor fences with a microwave electronic detection system with a CCTV security system. The facility is a campus design with dormitory housing buildings arranged around the central recreation yard. The facility currently provides 1,500-beds to the USMS under contract with the OFDT. It has a design capacity of 1,900-beds.