Rivers Correctional Institution

145 Parker’s Fishery Road
Winton,North Carolina 27986 United States
Phone: 252-358-5200
Fax: 252-358-5202

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Contract With: U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Contract Award: 03/07/2000
Type And Design: Minimum security
Capacity: 1450 males
Received Prisoners: 03/13/2001
Services/Work: Operator/Developer (Site, Design, Construct, Finance)
Accreditations: ACA, Joint Commission.

The GEO Group provides comprehensive correctional services to the BOP at this 1450-bed, all double-cell, state-of-the-art correctional facility for low security adult males. Construction began within a week of contract signing. The all cell design was chosen to enhance security and provide flexibility in housing assignments. After the BOP approved the completed facility and issued a Notice to Proceed, the BOP began a gradual intake of approximately 40 to 80 inmates per week until reaching capacity in order to assure a smooth activation.

Programs offered include ABE P-GED; GED; Life Skills, including Anger Management and Parenting Skills; Substance Abuse Education; and Vocational Education courses, including training for work in the Prison Industries program. Inmates have access to a law library and a general interest library. Religious services appropriate to the needs of the inmate population are available. Inmate Services include a fully-staffed healthcare unit, a fully equipped kitchen for complete food services, a laundry, a commissary, and indoor and outdoor gymnasium/ recreational facilities.